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Mug with original design.

Posted On: 2011-10-17 01:09:49 ; Read: 5450 time(s)

Have you wanted to go out of the ordinary? The formality of an open space where everyone has the same workspace, the same computer and maybe have a dress code. People immersed in this formalism are trying somehow to customize their workspace. This often happens through some photos.


The designers wanted CubeMug inclined to participate in this unique, with something that is very common in open space, the mug. It is often quite banal white, round, in CubeMug we wanted to do something original, the mug have a different form than most other products. Moreover it fits in a colorful box, which is well known design bricks. So you can stack multiple mugs. The mug is easily removed from the box, when the mug is into the box can retain heat and protect your drink of what he might fall into it.

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