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The different kind of teas.

Posted On: 2011-10-14 03:25:34 ; Read: 5316 time(s)

There are lot of variety of teas, we are going to speak about the most famous of them. Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri are black teas and they come from India, each tea have the name of his region of production. Celyan is also a black tea, but it come from Sri Lanka. Gunpowder is a Chinese green tea. It takes the form of small black balls, it is used to make tea with mint, in North Africa country. Gyokuro Asahi is also a green tea, but it's considered one of the better teas in the world. So you can drink these history teas, with a bit more fun. The green CubeMug is a cup that fit perfectly for tea. You can protect your tea of the dust when you put the cup into the box. If you have children, you can buy CubeMug in other colors. Each color can then match to a kind of tea, or at a child. If you have many CubeMug you can stack the mug and save space.

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