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Making Money Using a Mug Press

Posted On: 2011-06-24 08:26:27 ; Read: 6829 time(s)




Making Money Using a Mug Press


A mug press machine is a device that transfers printed ink on to the surface of mug. The ink is converted to a gas which then enters the surface of the mug and becomes permanent.  Mugs that have been imprinted with images, words, slogans and so on are then sold as gift items or promotional items. This is also the same way in which mugs are personalized with personal messages or images.


For a person to be able to make money using mug presses a suitable market must be identified and customers located. For starters get a variety of designs and templates for your mug press, cities, famous quotes, and famous people are all things that most people would be interested in. These should always be in your shop so that in case someone wants a large order for resale you can quickly provide them with it.


Next you should prepare a number of mugs as samples and give them away to stores, gift shops and so on; this is so as to create a market. When a store owner sees that the samples are in demand from customers, you will be called to supply more personalized mugs using the contact information that you left at the store. This is a great but cheap way to promote your business.


Additionally you could promote your business through an online store or signing up in an online auction. In addition to making your business more visible, you may just make some sales especially if your mug designs are unique and one of a kind.


But if you feel that sales are too low you could ask one of the local stores to sell your products with their business name. Though more mugs will be sold the profit will not be so much since most stores tend to offer discounts on most promotional items. You could also advertise in local dailies or websites to reach a wider client base.


However, to make the most use of your  mug press, go to fairs or locations with celebrations and offer personalized mugs to the people in attendance. Most people will often get one due to the jovial mood of the location and pressure from a friend or a loved one.


A mug press is a very unique and innovative machine that turns ordinary mugs in to things of beauty and treasured gifts. When used well they can bring joy to other people and financial freedom to the owner due to its unique service.

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